All children use behavior as a way of getting their needs met. In children with special needs, delays in language, social skills and self-help skills may result in various behavioral challenges. If your child has a difficult time communicating his or her needs or wants, s/he may act out with inappropriate behavior. It’s important to try to understand the cause of the challenging behavior so you can help your child find a better way to get his/her needs met.

Consistency. Repetition. These are the most important keys to successful behavior management. Stick to whatever rules you make all the time. Know that the rules, in order to work, will need to be repeated again and again.

“Who is rich? He/she who rejoices in his/her portion.”

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Other Suggestions:

  • Reinforcement. Give positive reinforcement after good behavior so that your child will want to repeat it. It is important not to accidentally reinforce the problem behaviors. If your child throws a temper tantrum for attention, don’t give him/her that attention. If you do, this behavior will only be repeated.

  • Love. Children react best to their parents when there is a sense that the parent loves and values them. For every negative comment or correction, there should be at least 10 positive comments.

  • Be clear. Make sure your child understands what is going on. Give clear, concise, age-appropriate instructions about your expectations and the consequences for meeting them or not meeting them.

  • Set up for success. Do everything to make it unlikely that the problem behavior can happen. For example, if your child is playing with breakable objects, try placing those kind of objects out of his or her reach.

  • Organize. Start with a simple plan, stick with it and track its progress. If you don’t see improvement, shift gears and try something different based on what you have learned.

Local Resources

Behavioral Intervention for Autism  Is committed to providing a comprehensive spectrum of services that will improve the lives of individuals with Autism and related disabilities and their families using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).  We create individualized treatment plans to improve behaviors and increase skills to allow the individual to be self sufficient and successful.

Butterfly Effects creates opportunities for clients with ASD and their families, to live more fulfilling lives.

Chrysalis ABA enriches our programs with the best qualified team and most recent science resources to emerge children’s individualized potentials, to become more social interactive, higher academic level, and adaptive independent living individuals.

Connect Plus Therapy provides Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder and support to their families. CPT uses the science of behavior analysis to target the core deficits of Autism in order to teach skills that are functional for your child’s life to produce lasting, socially meaningful change.

Developmental Intervention Specialists is dedicated to promoting the social and emotional growth of children. They strive towards providing quality services that are client-centered and provided by educated professionals.

Foundations Therapy is built on the philosophy that every child is a unique learner who deserves the opportunity to reach their maximum potential. Programs are individually developed utilizing Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) to enhance the strengths and to address the unique needs of each individual child.

My Favorite Therapist is an all inclusive therapy center so that each child can finally focus and succeed with the support of a team of therapists! My Favorite Therapists combines experience, technology, communication and expertise to provide the majority of therapy services needed today by many children.

My Florida Therapy offers proactive, quality ABA Therapy, social skills, and much more in a safe and comfortable environment.

New Patterns ABA was established with the sole mission being, to improve the lives of  individuals on the autism spectrum.  We provide top quality ABA services in home, school, and clinic settings.  Our behavior specialists utilize Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), which takes a multi-step approach to assist children in overcoming difficulties with communication, social skills, and other areas of development. We provide a comprehensive individualized treatment plan that considers the needs of both the child and family.

Positive Behavioral Support provides a variety of applied behavior analysis services through highly-qualified behavior analysts to meet the unique needs of individuals, families and systems. These services include training and consultation, services within schools and agencies and intensive behavioral intervention.

Reveresco ABA Therapy provides Applied Behavior Analysis (“ABA”) services to individuals with autism and related disorders throughout the South Florida region. The clinic was founded with the strong belief that each individual served is provided with the best and most comprehensive ABA services available. Only the highest quality professionals are hired to help ensure each client’s success.

Therapies for Kids: The program at Therapies 4 Kids, Inc. is designed specifically to enhance growth and development in each child. They start with a free screening and then a comprehensive evaluation.

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