Behavior management is a term used in educational settings that relates to the tools and techniques that teachers use to help keep their classrooms running smoothly. Behavior management focuses on the actions and conscious inactions that increase the probability that people choose to engage in productive and socially acceptable behavior.

If your child demonstrates behavior issues in school, he/she may be assigned to work with a “behavior specialist” – an individual who can evaluate, design and implement a behavior intervention plan. Behavior specialists help your child be more successful through skill acquisition, positive reinforcements and the reduction of problematic behavior.

“She is a tree of life for those who hold fast to her, and happy are those who support her.”

Pirkei Avot - Ethics of the Fathers 3:18

Behavioral Intervention for Autism Is committed to providing a comprehensive spectrum of services that will improve the lives of individuals with Autism and related disabilities and their families using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). We create individualized treatment plans to improve behaviors and increase skills to allow the individual to be self sufficient and successful.

Bridges Parenting tips and workshops that help kids reach their fullest potential.

Butterfly Effects creates opportunities for clients with ASD and their families, to live more fulfilling lives.

Chrysalis ABA enriches our programs with the best qualified team and most recent science resources to emerge children’s individualized potentials, to become more social interactive, higher academic level, and adaptive independent living individuals.

Developmental Intervention Specialists is dedicated to promoting the social and emotional growth of children. They strive towards providing quality services that are client-centered and provided by educated professionals.

Foundations Therapy is built on the philosophy that every child is a unique learner who deserves the opportunity to reach their maximum potential. Programs are individually developed utilizing Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) to enhance the strengths and to address the unique needs of each individual child.

My Favorite Therapist is an all inclusive therapy center so that each child can finally focus and succeed with the support of a team of therapists! My Favorite Therapists combines experience, technology, communication and expertise to provide the majority of therapy services needed today by many children.

My Florida Therapy offers proactive, quality ABA Therapy, social skills, and much more in a safe and comfortable environment

Positive Behavioral Support provides a variety of applied behavior analysis services through highly-qualified behavior analysts to meet the unique needs of individuals, families and systems. These services include training and consultation, services within schools and agencies and intensive behavioral intervention.

Project Hope ABA Therapy

Project Brilliance ABA therapy for children on the Autism spectrum and related disabilities. Board certified behavioral analysts and registered behavioral technicians.

Reveresco ABA Therapy provides Applied Behavior Analysis (“ABA”) services to individuals with autism and related disorders throughout the South Florida region. The clinic was founded with the strong belief that each individual served is provided with the best and most comprehensive ABA services available. Only the highest quality professionals are hired to help ensure each client’s success.

The Children’s Center for Psychiatry, Psychology, and Related Services. Assessments and treatments in Delray Beach. Insurance is not accepted.

Therapies for Kids: The program at Therapies 4 Kids, Inc. is designed specifically to enhance growth and development in each child. They start with a free screening and then a comprehensive evaluation.

Americans Live With an Autism Spectrum Disorder
of Children Have Been Diagnosed with a Developmental Disability